Center Ring Promotions Inc. (CRP) brings you Mixed Martial Arts 2 to 3 times per year. CRP is one of the leading MMA and Combative Sport Promotional Companies in Western Canada.

Our main focus is the sport of MMA and the fighters themselves.  Center Ring Promotions is lead up by seasoned Martial Artist, coach and Martial Arts professional AJ Scales.

Our goal is to raise the bar for the martial artist.  “We want to show case rising mixed martial artists and give them a chance to take it to the next level.”  We want to produce the best show for the fighters and most importantly the martial arts fans.

For more information on tickets or you would like to fight on the next event contact us at the following or fill out the Fighter Application.

Fighter Application

Center Ring Promotions Inc.
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 1Y5





Center Ring Promotions events are sanctioned by The Athletics Commission of Saskatchewan.

The Following Medicals are Require to eligible to compete:

MRI, CT Scan, EKG or ECG will only be required on request.

Negative tests for HIV, Hepatitis B and C. The contestant must submit an antigen report even if immunized;

If the contestant is female, a negative pregnancy lab test conducted by a physician within seven days prior to the event

A complete ophthalmologic examination performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist that includes the matters specified in the Eye Examination form provided by the Commission

Athletic commission Fighter Licence and Medicals must be within 60 days of event.

MMA Rules Physical Exam Eye Exam ACS Fighter Licence