Rules and Weights

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling Rules

The Sasktachewan Cup of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling, Queen City Open and the Western Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships implement the following rules and weights for their tournaments.

Adult Rules Weight Divisions Kids Rules IBJJF Rules

Scoring System

Throws and/or takedowns – 2 Points
Knee on stomach – 2 Points
Sweeps – 2 Points
Passing the guard – 3 Points
Top mount position – 4 Points
Control from the back (Back mount and/or Back Control) – 4 Points

Advantages are determined by aggressiveness, submission attempts, takedown attempts and superior positioning.

Medals will be awarded to athletes achieving first, second, and third place in each division.

Match Durations

Kids Match Durations are as follows;

Division A (5 – 6 Yrs Old)    3 – Minutes
Division B (7 – 8 Yrs Old)    3 – Minutes
Division C (9 -10 Yrs Old)    3 – Minutes
Division D (11 – 12 Yrs Old)    4 – Minutes
Division E ( 13 – 14 Yrs Old)    4 – Minutes
Junior (15 – 17 Yrs Old)    5 – Minutes

Adult Match Durations are as follows;

White Belts 5 – Minutes
All Advanced Belts 6 – Minutes (Colored Belts may be mixed)
Blue Belts 6 – Minutes
Purple Belts 7 – Minutes
Brown Belts 8 – Minutes
Black Belts 10 – Minutes

Illegal Techniques In All Divisions


Please Note

Weigh-ins will take place as soon as you arrive at the tournament.  Make sure you have signed up for the right division, and made any changes to your registration on athlete check day or risk disqualification.

Any athlete who fails to appear when called to compete will forfeit the match.

The event organizers will not tolerate any unsportsman like conduct or disrespectful behavior.

No refunds, due to missing weight, injury or any other for scene circumstances.


The event organizers are not liable for any injury or accident involving the competitors.  The event is insured by the Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association.

Medical staff will be on site to provide First-Aid as needed.

Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Rules 

All AMMA events promoted by Center Ring Promotions Inc. are sanctioned by the Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association.