Combate Submission Invitational – BJJ


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The Combate Submission Invitational (CSI)

The only way to win a match is by submission! No points will be scored, no advantages will be scored and there is no refs decision.

1. Athletes that are invited must find there own way to Regina, SK.

2. Athletes will be competing in a submission only grappling match for a cash prize.

3. In case of a draw the cash prize will be placed in a pot.

4. Athletes that submit their opponent will win a cash prize and portion of the unclaimed prizes.

Match Time Limits

Adult – All belt levels – 10 minutes
Juvenile – All belt levels – 8 minutes
Youth – All belt levels – 5 minutes
There will be no over time periods

Ways to win a Match

Win via Submission.
Win via opponent disqualification.
Win via opponent forfeiture.

Age Divisions

Youth – 5yrs to 12yrs
Teen – 13yrs to 17yrs
Adult – 18yrs+
Master 1 – 30yrs to 34yrs
Master 2 – 35yrs to 39yrs
Mater 3 – 40yrs to 44yrs

Weight Divisions

Adult – 135lbs, 145lbs, 155, 170, 185, 205, 265
Juvenile and Youth Click here


No protective cups
No wrestling headgear or shoes
Rashguards and spats are allowed

Illegal Techniques

No hair pulling, eye poking, fish hooking
No striking
No slamming
No scissor takedowns
No knee reaping
No butt scooting
No stalling

Legal Techniques

Heal hooks and Toe Holds are for Adult colored belts Only. (Blue Belt and Up)
Wrist locks are allowed
Knee locks and knee bars are allowed
Bicep slicers, calf slicers and compression locks are allowed
Twisters and electric chair submissions are allowed


The referee at all times has at his discretion the ability to end the fight or modify a rule to maintain the safety of the fighters and the integrity of the tournament for reasons that include but are not limited to:

poor sportsmanship of competitor or coach, arguing with officials, use of foul language, attempting to use dangerous techniques etc.

Referee Commands

Combate (Fight) – Begin the fight
Parou (Stop) -  Stops the fight ; competitors must stop on this command.
Verbal warnings given on a stop: if given a verbal warning it must be adhered to or it may result in a disqualification.
Lute (Stalling) – competitors must show active attempts to better positions or attempt submissions.