Interview: Bladimir Cazares

Interview: Bladimir Cazares

(Bladimir on right)
Q: Why did you starting boxing and when did you make the decision to become a professional?

A: I started boxing when I was 13 years old and I decided to become professional after several local, regional and national competitions.

Q: How was your training for this fight? How are you feeling going into the bout this Friday?

A: The training camp was similar to others I had before, we just made adjustments for this opponent.  And I feel confident on what I know, I will do my job in the ring on Friday. You people from Saskatoon will receive a surprise.

Q: You’ve fought in Canada several times, but does it add any pressure fighting so far from home in Saskatoon? Do you make any adjustments?

A: I don’t feel any pressure at all, as I said I feel confident. I’m a professional and I will show what I have in my knuckles. I hope to give a good show for the people from Saskatoon, with all respect.  I did some adjustments on my training, I watched some videos of my opponent and we found some points of weakness and we will be attacking those.

Q: You’re a relatively late replacement, coming in to fight a hometown favourite. Does that affect your training or your mindset?

A: It does not affect my mindset, I’m a professional and I’m prepared for any commitment, even a last minute call.

Q: You started off you career with a string of victories, but over the last dozen fights it’s been up and down. Why are you confident you can win on Friday?

A: Well, I had a very good record, I did a couple of fights in Canada, Phillipines and in Mexico against tough guys. I did not get the result I was expected then I decided to retire and after 4 years of inactivity I came back in the ring, I won and I’m coming up to speed again.  I had a hard fight against Shakeel Phinn, I had to lose weight and It affected me. This time I feel strong, confident and with good boxing rhythm.

Q: You and Gary are the only boxing match on the card, but you are the main event. What do you think about fighting on a card with mostly MMA bouts?

A: It is an honor to fight in Saskatoon, against the local guy, against a celebrity in the city, and being the main event it is great opportunity to show again the Bladimir I used to be in the ring. Being the only boxing match in an MMA card, I feel we are the attraction – like a special feature in the show.

Q: Have you ever thought about fighting MMA?

A: I think it would be fun but my sport is boxing,

Q: Your career has been defined by a series of KO’s and TKO’s that you have either delivered – or been on the receiving end of. What can fans expect from your fight?

A: Fans have to expect a very good show, a very good fight, a WAR between two athletes in the ring and for sure a KO! I’m a big puncher, people say I punch hard, so lets wait to see it on Friday.

Special thanks to the promoter for giving me the opportunity to fight in his card, to fight in the city of Saskatoon, a city of nice and great people. Thanks again.