Interview: Tyler “Windigo” Weran

Interview: Tyler “Windigo” Weran

Geoff: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Geoff Wilson from Center Ring Promotions and Tyler Windigo Weran here …. promoting modern fighting championship in Saskatoon Saskatchewan on Feb 23 rd . Tyler, how are you my friend?”

Tyler: “I’m doing great.”

Geoff: “You’re facing off against Devon “Boomtruck” Smith. You guys are well matched, you both are giants in the ring. You both have this crazy reach. Talk to me a little bit about how your training is going and how you prepare for a fighter like Devon.”

Tyler: “Well training has been going good, getting lots of reps in using lots of different body types. He’s kind of got the same frame as me; tall, lengthy. So, I think our length will match up close, it will be other things I guess that will decide the fight.”

Geoff: “What do you mean by “other things?

Tyler: “Well I’m mostly just thinking cardio-wise, you know lots of guys (when cardio’s done) once you’re tired, you can’t do anything. I also have good coaching on my side, and some great teammates. I don’t know a whole lot about him, but I know I’m strong.”

Geoff: “You’re also defending an undefeated record, does that add a little bit more pressure to you while your training and as you approach this fight?”

Tyler: “The records not too big of a deal, you always want to get the win and it looks good on paper, but you really just want to go out and do your best and put a great fight on for the fans, coaches, teammates.”

Geoff: “I know that your training out of Scheer’s MMA is Saskatoon. What’s it like having a number of teammates on the same card?”

Tyler: “Its nice to know that there’s other people that are in the same situation as you, especially your best friends so its nice in that regard. But I’ve also trained for fights alone and its good too.”

Geoff: “Your nickname, Windigo … what is it exactly, what is it mean and where does it come from?”

Tyler: “I think it comes from an old Native myth, kind of a mythical cannonball-like creature. Usually has long fingernails and limbs, with fangs. As a monster he can be in the shape of human form. I guess it craves human flesh and destruction.”

Geoff: “Ha! Thanks for the nightmares … are you still doing that crazy commute from where you live to9 where you train?”

Tyler: “Yeah, I live in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, I have to work until 5 and then drive up to Scheer’s 2-3 times a week to train for a couple hours and then drive back. Its lots sometimes but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and the reward is worth it.”

Geoff: “What can the fans expect to see at Modern Fighting Championship in Saskatoon on the 23 rd between you and Devon?”

Tyler: “Well Devon seems to be scared of time (or going the distance), so we are going to finish it off pretty fast and were going to steal “Fight of the Night”.

Geoff: “Sweet I love to hear that, well Tyler “Windigo” Weran. Thanks so much for taking the time and we look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!”

Tyler: “Thanks Geoff”