Interview: CPBC Cruiserweight Champion Gary “Hocus Pocus” Kopas

Interview: CPBC Cruiserweight Champion Gary “Hocus Pocus” Kopas

(Photo: guhdar photography)
Geoff: “Geoff Wilson on the line with CPBC Cruiserweight Champion Gary “Hocus Pocus” Kopas . How training going? How are you feeling?”

Gary: “Trainings going good. Pretty much wrapped up camp and just nursing some sore spots but other that ready to get in there on Friday.”

Geoff: “Why did you starting boxing and when did you make the decision to become a Professional?” Gary: “I started boxing was I was 13, I was in Tae Kwon Do at the time and I enjoyed it but it wasn’t physical enough. Then we moved into a new neighborhood and saw a boxing club right on the corner went in and saw my future coach sparring … blood flying everywhere. I was back the next day and a couple months later I had my first fight. The rest is history.”

Geoff: “Does it add a lot of pressure fighting at home in Saskatoon?”

Gary: “there is pressure, but it makes me better, the energy of the crowd makes me feel like a WWE superstar … people hanging from the rafters, screaming … I love it.”

Geoff: “You’re fighting Bladimir Hernandez, a late replacement, a tough fighter with over 30+ fights. When there is an opponent change in the middle of a training camp, does that have an effect on your training?”

Gary: “Not really. I work on myself more than my opponent … I mean I watched a fight of his but it’s the
work that I put in that gives me the confidence and then having the right tools in the toolbox and that’s
what really matters to me.”

Geoff: “Excited to see you on at the weigh ins on Thursday and of course in the ring on Friday. I love the
nickname, “Hocus Pocus Kopas …. how’d you get it?”

Gary: “I was 14 years old and boxing in BC at Golden Gloves and my coach at the time, Wesley Sunshine, told the announcer that was my nickname – and that was the first both of us had heard it … I cracked a smile and I guess it just sort of stuck.”

Geoff: “You’re on a 5 win fight streak right now … what do you attribute that success to?”

Gary: “Yeah man — – It’s my gym, it’s my coaches, it’s my teammates, it’s the Bang Muay Thai System – it’s all just coming together.”

Geoff: “You and Bladimir are the only boxing match on the card any thoughts about moving into MMA?

Gary: ”No. I like my joints too much for that (chuckle) I do cross-train but Boxing is my passion.”

Geoff: “Thanks for taking the time, Gary. Is there anyone out there you’d like to thank?”

Gary: “My family, my coaches, my teammates, my friends – thank you all so much for your support. Looking forward to getting in there on Friday Feb 23 rd .”