Interview: Jose “Rockstar” Rodriguez

Interview: Jose “Rockstar” Rodriguez

Geoff: Ladies and Gentlemen, Geoff Wilson on the line with Jose “the Rockstar” Rodriguez. How are

Jose: Very good, man. How are you?

Geoff: Good. Hey Jose – I love the nick name “the Rockstar.” How did it come about?

Jose:  Just around the gym … every time I fought I put on a good show … I actually do play drums but my teammates were entertained by my style of fighting and started calling me “the Rockstar.

Geoff:  Your club is an affiliate of Bang Muai Thai the organization Dwayne “bang” Ludwig and his mentor Bas Rutten created … what are some of the benefits of training at a BMT affiliate?

Jose:  Normally when something is new I’m skeptical but I am now a full believer in this system – the way the combos are put together … it’s Dutch style of fighting … it’s so perfect for mma. It flows fluently and even Gary Koptas one of pro boxers on our team said it translates to boxing well. It’s about angles and finding holes your opponent doesn’t know he has with proper movement.

Geoff:  Yeah. The Dutch fighters are fun to watch. Hey you had a cool quote on your facebook page a couple weeks back that said, “you never see a U-Haul following a Herse.” What does that mean?

Jose:  Thanks man – yeah I think people maybe put too much value on material things, at the end of the day they don’t mean anything, right – you can’t take your Ferrari with you to Heaven, you know. You can only take the memories and good deeds you did. So always reach out and pull someone up if you can.

Geoff:  You seem to bring your faith with you into the ring. Talk to me a little bit about that.

Jose:  Both my Mom and Dad were religious, and I was brought up that way, but I believe it’s not just faith in God but also having faith in yourself when times get tough – it’s like Rocky saying, “it’s not about how hard you can hit – it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep getting up.

Geoff:  You came out guns blazing sporting a 6-0 record at the beginning of your career and then moved way up in competition and had some challenging fights. Many fighters talk about how they learn more from a loss than a win. Have you experienced that?

Jose:  Yeah – I took the hardest fights given to me, I’ve never fought a “tin can” (mismatched opponent) it’s been the tough boys all the time …. you always want the best competition.

Geoff:  Jose, what can we expect to see on Feb 23 rd in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan?

Jose:  I’m bringing that fire back … I have improved as a martial artist … I have that inner strength – I’m hungry … I have a chip on my shoulder and a beast in my belly … regardless of the final outcome on Feb 23 rd Mr. Richardson will not be walking away unscathed or healthy.