Meet Light Weight Champ Adam Wayne

Meet Light Weight Champ Adam Wayne

Geoff: Adam – I’ve heard you went to Vegas for a while. Where have you been and what have you been doing?

Adam: I went to Vegas to train with team syndicate MMA under John Wood, it was a great experience and I learned a lot, although I didn’t fight down in the US due to Visa Issues, I competed in a jujitsu tournament every other weekend. I don’t care about fighting or not I just love to train and if training 3-4 times a day and not fighting as was the case ‘m fine with that too, I’m only 22 that mentality and the pace in going at right now at 25 years old is going to be a sight to see.

Geoff: What are some of the benefits of cross training in all arts like boxing, bjj, wrestling?

Adam: Cross training is great I love training multiple arts and challenging my self in areas I lack, overall I just love

Geoff: Your last 2 scheduled bouts were cancelled. Talk to me What does that do to a fighter?

Adam: Both fights were short notice it’s was actually 6 fights this year 4 in the states and two here, the last two were Stephen Beaumont, and Alex. Alex was short notice as well and fought in a boxing fight two weeks before we were suppose to fight, I want longevity so I decided not to take the fight with Alex.

Geoff: What’s the lightweight division like and are there enough pro lightweights in Western Canada to be competitive?

Adam: I believe so, lightweight is the most stacked and competitive division, it’s the centre of all divisions, guys are coming down from 170 and coming up from 145 so it’s great. Alex is a great fighter and looks to be a great guy, I respect him and look forward to getting to fight him, we are very similar not as fighters but as people, we don’t fight for ourselves.

Geoff: Some say Alex is a big step up …. how do you continue to make sure you are growing and getting better during your training?

Adam: I don’t listen to it. Fights a fight. I am who I am. he is who he is.