Martinez’s fighting lifestyle evolved from the streets of Paraguay

Martinez’s fighting lifestyle evolved from the streets of Paraguay

Alex Martinez (3-0) from Grande Prairie, AB will take on Regina’s Adam Wayne (3-1) in a hotly anticipated clash at Modern Fighting Championship’s inaugural event next Friday in Saskatoon.

Martinez grew up surrounded by fighting. His father – and now striking coach – was immersed in the martial arts world in Paraguay, and Alex always dreamed of becoming a world-class kickboxer before turning to MMA.

“It’s a third world country, so it doesn’t matter where you grow up. I’m not saying it’s a bad country, but there’s always danger going around so you gotta learn how to really take care of yourself. I’ve pretty much fought since I was a little kid, it was just part of life there.”

Martinez has an extensive amateur fight background and is undefeated since turning pro. He has wins by submission, decision, and TKO but when asked about his favourite way to win, his answer is surprising.

“If I get to choose, it will be an all-war 3rd round, those are the most glorifying ones, where you go to the end and both men are so tired, those are the best fights I ever had – when you go to a split decision. I think those are the most rewarding ones…it comes down to who has the most heart.”

“But at the same time, those ones give the most damage, so it all comes down to what you want – the glory side, or the smart side.”

Martinez can list off a number of pro fighters he draws inspiration from – Anderson Silva’s style and aspect of play in the cage, Fedor’s utter lack of fear despite the size of his opponents – but he holds a special place for any athlete that makes the walk.

“Every single fighter gives me some sort of inspiration, because at the end of the day, a fighter is a fighter, and they have to fight their way through to even be on the canvas, whether through life, competition, injuries…I admire every single fighter.”

Which brings us to his opponent on February 23, Adam Wayne, a Centre Ring Promotions standout and Saturday Night Fights belt holder who lost his pro debut but has looked unstoppable ever since.

“I respect him. Now there is a difference between respect and fear, that’s something people get wrong. Sometimes people fear their opponents. That doesn’t go through my head. What goes through my head is respect. I’ve already fought many prospects so for me, it’s another fight.”

Martinez recognizes he’s facing a tough out in Wayne but wouldn’t have it any other way, and wants to be sure his record isn’t padded as he moves up the MMA food chain towards his ultimate goal of fighting the best in the world.

“Many fighters go in their career, get to be 10-0, so the UFC picks them up but you check their record and it’s 10-0 – but who did they fight? All of a sudden they put them in against a good guy in the UFC and they get destroyed, they get demolished. He was always looking for the easy way in, and that’s something I don’t do.”

He also has big plans for the future, and hopes to be able to leverage his fighting career to help deliver blessings for his family, and the people who stood by him.

“I want to buy a house for my mom, I want to get this for my dad because he has supported me a long way, I want to buy that for my fiance. I want to develop my own charity support to help people in the world. That’s my dream, and all those things motivate me.”