Cory Chambers: “Done Crying over spilt milk, focused on spilling blood”

Cory Chambers: “Done Crying over spilt milk, focused on spilling blood”

Geoff: Cory, before we get started I saw this on your Facebook page, a Sponsor Video from Deuce Vodka. Talk to me a little bit about how you got the sponsorship because we were blown away by the quality. It’s good to see a guy like you hustling out there to help promote this fight.

Cory: Yeah I been pretty lucky I mean It must have been the luck of the Irish and yes they approached me about doing a sponsorship.  I think it kind of paid off fighting a lot as an amateur here in Saskatchewan.  My name is a little bit bigger than people who are fighting outside of the province I think.

Your one of the guys that consistently puts butts in seats and we’ve never had one in Saskatoon so talk to me a little bit about how its going to be Feb 23rd fighting in front of your hometown crowd and putting a lot of the people you know personally in the Soccer Center.

Cory: Yeah I’m pretty blessed to get the support I get with fighting it actually blows me away you know. My friends are crazy man, whether I’m fighting in Lethbridge, Red Deer or Regina I always have a crew of people that come down. That’s why I’m happy this rematch is going down in Saskatoon, Saskatoon is my adopted town.

Geoff: Now let’s remind the fans what happened in the first fight between Cory Chambers and Blair Ostar at Saturday Night Fights 13 in Regina. In the terms of recollection, I was there, you were there, Blair was there, the crowd was there, and it was, I mean it was a 7 second situation. Tell me about it.

Cory: Well yeah, I mean, we discussed touching hands before when we were doing prefight interviews. So I was a little bit shocked when I reached out to touch his hand and got an overhand right. I thought I just missed the glove touch, touché he won the fight but I mean that was a pretty weasel way of winning it. He literally got Boo’ed out of the building man.

Geoff: Talk to me a little bit more about what we can expect on Feb 23rd at the Saskatoon Soccer Center. When you face Blair Oster again.”

Cory: Yeah its going to be a really high-tension fight for sure, but I think we are going to put on the show that we initially said we were going to put on you know. So I’m expecting a tough fight and Blairs a tough guy and I respect him in that aspect but I mean other than that I don’t respect him as a martial artist or human being and stuff like that. You know. But man its going to be a good fight. People are definitely going to want to see us throw down and you know, and if he thinks he got Boo’ed out of the building last time he’s going to be coming into hostile territory this time for sure.”

Geoff: I really appreciate you taking the time to chat with me and I look forward to seeing you on Feb 23rd.”

Cory: Man I always like our chats Geoff so it was good talking to you buddy.