Interview: Blair “the Bully” Oster

Interview: Blair “the Bully” Oster

Geoff: Ladies and Gentleman, Geoff Wilson from Center Ring Promotions here with Blair “the Bully” Oster. Blair will be fighting on February 23 in Saskatoon, at the Saskatoon Soccer Center.  Blair how are you my friend?

Blair: I’m doing well. Thank you very much.

Geoff: Why did you decide to become a fighter and continue to move from amateur to professional?

Blair: Ah basically it comes down to I just love being punched and punching other people. I wanted to box and my mom would never put me in boxing. I finally got the chance to do MMA with Lee Mein at the Canadian Mixed Martial Art Center back in 2004 there. So once I got that opportunity I grasped a hold of it. Then 6 weeks later I had my first amateur fight so it’s been pretty much trials and tribulations, learning lessons from there right. Growing and developing pretty much.”

Geoff: Yeah it’s good to see and what about growing up in North Battleford with your opponent, Cory Chambers?

Blair: (smiling) You know it’s a tough place but we all know each other, no matter what happened he’s still my buddy, it doesn’t matter what went down. I still have respect for Cory and there’s no hard feelings on my side but I’m sure on the other side it’s not.

Geoff: I know in the last fight it sort of made the rounds. There was a hand touch that turned into a punch or something like that. What actually happened from your point of view?

Blair: I dunno man, we went to touch gloves, touched gloves and I hit him. There’s no black and white that’s the way it is. Would I change anything? No. Umm. You know I did what I did and I’d do it again. You know protect yourself at all times right, once we are in there were not friends. I don’t owe you anything you know, I helped him up after the fight you know what I mean there was no negativity on my side. It’s a war in there. I have no excuses for anything that happened in there nor should he, right?

Geoff: What can we expect in Blair Oster vs Cory Chambers 2?

Blair: Oh boy … it’s going to be a good time … yeah … fully prepared. Very happy you know – it’s been a tough training camp as you can see (points at black eye) right so yeah good times. I’m going to bring it like I do all the time … I’m going to have fun whether it be 7 seconds or it be 15 minutes – it doesn’t matter to me. I’m there to do my job and after that we’ll all have some drinks and have some fun, right?”

Geoff: Fantastic – well Blair thanks for taking some time with me today to do this quick interview and help promote your fight – we are excited to have you in Saskatoon, February 23 rd at the Soccer Center and best of luck to you.

Blair: Thank you. Thank you.