Untroubled by opponent switch, Saskatoon’s Denys Zelenskyi vows to impress

Untroubled by opponent switch, Saskatoon’s Denys Zelenskyi vows to impress

Denys Zelenskyi has had a disappointing couple of weeks, through no fault of his own. Originally slated to fight for the inaugural bantamweight belt at Saturday Night Fights 13 (SNF) this Saturday, his opponent Patrick Ward was forced to drop out due to illness. Fortunately, another fighter who trains with the new main event’s Matt Jelly was willing to step in on short notice. Zelenskyi will now face Chris Day at featherweight this weekend.

“I feel nice because I don’t have to cut a lot of weight, and I can fight anybody, anywhere,” said Zelenskyi via Facebook messenger. “I don’t know a lot of my new opponent. I talked with my coaches and team…and we are having the same game plan that we had before.”

Undefeated in fights in his native Russia, and holding a spectacular KO victory at a previous SNF event, Zelenskyi trains twice a day. It’s strength and conditioning in the morning, then hours of MMA at night.

“My coaches says that I’m killer and that I’ll knock out my opponent or submit him!”

Zelenskyi has reason to credit his team, which includes Kurt Southern, Tyson Steele, and the new main event’s Adam Lorenz  - all fighters who have graced Canada’s top ten in their respective weight divisions. After full contact sparring twice weekly with that murderer’s row,  Zelenskyi is confident Saturday’s fight will propel him along his aspirational path.

“I have a dream, I wanna have couple more fights and get in the UFC.”

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