Tyler Weran less concerned about impressing fans than his coach

Tyler Weran less concerned about impressing fans than his coach

Saskatoon’s Tyler Weran is coming into his bout this Saturday with an unblemished record as both an amateur and a pro. He’s expecting a tough fight from Winnipeg’s George Davis but isn’t necessarily concerned about keeping that zero in the loss column.

“Everybody can lose at some point, but I don’t know if it’s going to be sooner or later…I try not to feel like I’m fighting to lose or fighting to win,” said Weran. “I just want to fight my best performance and as long as I do that I’ll be happy whether I win, lose or draw.”

Weran travels to Saskatoon from North Battleford 3 or 4 times a week to train at Scheer’s – he’s  loyal to his coach and said he would feel weird being somewhere else. It does seem to be a  winning formula – Weran said he feels a little more relaxed every time he gets in the ring.

“There’s not really any feeling like you get when you win any sort of combat sport – jiu jitsu, MMA or kickboxing. It’s all pretty surreal when you win. You know you’ve put that hard work into it and you’re able to tell your story [about winning] – it’s all good.”

With fellow North Battleford fighters Corey Chambers and Blair Oster on the card, Weran’s expecting a lot more local fans to make the trip. He’s not concerned about any added pressure though, and said once you concentrate – the jitters go away.

“The most important thing I fight for is my coach, to make sure he’s proud of me, and that’s about it. He’s the real guy that you want to show that you did something exciting that he showed you.”

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