Camaraderie more important than fighting for Thomas Richardson

Camaraderie more important than fighting for Thomas Richardson

Winnipeg’s Thomas Richardson has never been in a fight outside of a cage or ring. With no martial arts background, he originally started training with his cousin and got hooked. When his coach offered him an opportunity to test his skills against another man, he jumped at the chance.

“I was training quite a bit, and thought it would be cool. There wasn’t a big thought process – I’d been training for a couple years and wanted to test it out,” said Richardson.

He feels like the training isn’t even really work, although he does love to be in shape so he can execute a game plan no matter how long the fight goes. But it’s the relationships he’s built in the gym that keep him coming back.

“I love all the guys I train with, they’re some of my best friends,” said Richardson. “ I love the camaraderie.”

One of his teammates has fought his upcoming opponent Drayton Angus before, and Richardson thinks he may have to weather an early storm and then work for the win.

“He’s really strong. He’s gonna want to take my head off, no doubt. He’s a tough guy but I don’t think his ground game is anything to talk about. If stay calm, use my energy efficiently, and pick my spots, it’s gonna be a good night for me.”

Working towards a career in law enforcement, Richardson admits that he hopes that is just the backup plan for what he hopes is a career that will take him to the cages of the world’s biggest promotions.

“I just want to fight at the highest level possible, UFC, Bellator, whatever. Aside from school I’m doing it pretty much full time and would like to take it to the next level, but one step at a time.”

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