Elusive first pro win all the motivation Derek Gatz needs

Elusive first pro win all the motivation Derek Gatz needs

Saskatoon’s Derek Gatz has a monkey on his back. He’s 0-2 in his professional career and can’t wait for next Saturday night. When asked why he’s so eager to get back in the ring, he’s pretty blunt.

“Why not? I like doing it. I’m not scared. I want to win, that’s why I’m getting back in there. I’m zero and 2! Can’t retire 0-2!” declared Gatz.

His two pro losses are notable for their differences. In the first, Gatz battled for three rounds, where both he and his opponent had the other rocked – and a KO for either was a possibility – but Gatz ultimately lost a decision. In the second, Gatz was quickly taken down and submitted within two minutes. Despite the bruising his body took in the first, he prefers that to the damage his ego took in the second.

“It feels better being banged up,” said Gatz. “At least you know you were in a fight. I’d rather have the wounds. Like Sparta you know – come home on your shield.”

One takeaway from that second fight was the knowledge that a fighter needs to be ready for anything, and the fight may not go the way you think it will, so Gatz is working all areas. He doesn’t know a whole lot about his opponent but that doesn’t matter – Gatz feels he’s ready. As for why he fights?

“So many people say ‘oh, I can’t comprehend what you’re doing, why would you do that?’ but I don’t really understand that question. It’s part of me. It’s who I am. I can’t even understand why they’d be asking me that.”

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